How to stay last longer in bed as a man

How to stop cumming fast or early discharge naturally?

My story to increase intercourse stamina.
If you want to stay last longer in bed naturally as a man during sex or intercourse then you have come to the exact place to read a full review carefully and then decide what you want. If you want to know about me or contact me
I’m just helping you by giving a comprehensive review of this online course for the best solution to satisfy (please) a woman in bed without cumming. If you are reading this post, then obviously you are suffering from early ejaculation, and trying to delay your climax as you or your partner’s wish, just like I was a few months ago. During sexual intercourse, I used to ejaculate within 1 minute after penetration. Many times she told me that’s okay but I knew that was it OK ? or not! ?. But I was worried about our relationship because early ejection was ruining it and then I told her, I’m trying to find the solution of pre-cum. That was a brutal time for me because nothing was helping me at all.

What I tried to overcome?

I tried Kegel exercises, Slow things down, Changing positions, clamp, Stop and start method, Squeeze method, Deep breathing, Tantric techniques, premature ejaculation PDF, books, blah blah, even I tried special thick condoms, Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra to delay the climax. I had been practicing these things for many weeks but the result was null. Because there are many physical or psychological reasons and causes of early ejaculation. And I wasted my time & money on many other products, which are available in the markets. Even lotions, sprays, and creams made my organ numbed sometimes because I had to rub or apply it 10 minutes before intercourse. That’s why I stopped these kinds of shits!. These kinda techniques make the condition worse instead of curing it.

How & Why I did choose this course?

In this course, they are providing us a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days if you are not satisfied with their course. That was my main reason to buy this course because as I mentioned above earlier I don’t want to waste my money anymore. When I had nothing to do with this humiliation, then I discussed this problem with my cousin and he suggested this online course to check out. I took 2-3 days to decide if I should buy this online course or not? because I never heard or thought before that, there could be an online course to cure this problem. But the money-back guarantee gave me the security to buy this course for $49. They e-mailed user ID and password to login on to the official website. I just intimated all instructions for this online course and got very effective results after 20 to 25 days. If you also want to stop ejaculation theIt’s upon to you buy it or not because it’s not my course but you should check it once as suggestions or recommendations. A big thank to this course because it saved my relationship and boost my confidence to stay longer during sex.

Good & Bad points of this course!

Everything has pros & cons. Overall this course is quite satisfying but I’ll chart both sides.

The good points

Ejaculation By Command is one of the most comprehensive guides written on how to naturally beat early ejaculation (PE) through training and conditioning. It is very easy to read and describes in details, the specific tips, techniques, and exercises men can do from home to last longer in bed and improve their sexual confidence. Even if you don’t suffer from PE but just want to learn how to add minutes to your lovemaking, you will also find this book to be a great, practical resource. Furthermore, Lloyd doesn’t just view quick ejection in isolation. He takes a holistic view of the problem and provides great tips to enhance female arousal and bring a woman to an orgasm (even if you’re prone to be “too quick on the draw”).

1. Easy to access anytime & anywhere in the world.
2. No need for any special skills to learn.
3. Learn whenever you are free.
4. 24 hours of desk support from experts.
5. Lifetime subscription for the future.
6. no hustle and bustle.

The Bad Points

The wealth of information may seem overwhelming at first and you may have the initial tendency to want to jump straight into the “techniques” modules. But it is important to pay close attention to the fundamental modules of understanding the truths about premature ejaculation and male sexuality. Once you have a firm grasp of the basics, getting through the strategies and techniques becomes much easier.

Also, because this guide contains a ton of practical tips and suggestions to lasting longer, men who have been actively searching for a natural solution to their PE problem may find a few of the tips familiar. However, Lloyd does a good job of putting everything together, making this guide a neat, one-stop resource for lasting longer in the sack.

1. It’s not a free online course we have to pay.
2. Need a smartphone or computer with an internet connection.
3. They are charging $49.

Here are other bonuses of this course free of cost below

Best way to last longer in bed
Best way to last longer in bed during sex and delay ejaculation naturally

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What is premature ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is known as early ejection. Most men are suffering from this problem who can’t last as long as their or partner’s wish. According to the WHO International Consultation on Sexual Health defined in statistics shows that 30%-40% of men are diseased from this humiliating disaster. There not a fixed time for an orgasm. But the expulsion of semen within 1 or 2 minutes and losing an erection is definitely called erectile dysfunction. In this case, you and your partner can not enjoy sex life due to this problem.

Note:- Erectile Dysfunction is another problem, where the organ(sexual) doesn’t get an even erection once.


There are can be lots of psychological, physical reasons for this problem individually. Some people think too much regarding sex and assumes much about pleasure. So this is the psychological reason. Other reasons are given below:-

Masturbation can be a reason. If you masturbate excessively in your young years then masturbation can be a cause of Premature Ejaculation.
1. The lower level of Testosterone Hormones.
2. Lower immune system or immunity.
3. Poor diet plans can also affect your stamina because a proper diet provides you essential minerals, fabrics, and proteins.
4. Worrying about timing during intercourse. This kind of stress increases your anxiety and you cum faster.
5. Physical weakness can also cause PE.
Intoxicating medical consumption and weed also reduce erection.
6. Alcohol consumption and smoking
And many more valid causes.


If you are not able to delay climax during intercourse accordingly to your and your partner’s wish or losing an erection, then you are suffering from this problem.
Sometimes penis ejects some thin meltwater (like semen) before having sex.
Ejaculating imminently after penetration.
losing confidence to please your lady.


To be honest, until today there’s not any specific medicine available in the pharmacy market. Tramadol, thick condoms, Viagra pills, anesthetic lotion, etc are not a permanent solution for this problem. But there are many exercises and diet plans that are available nowadays on the internet. Even these techniques ain’t effective for this problem. Indeed nobody going to let you know anything free of cost. If you want to know further information about the natural treatment of this problem then visit the official website of an online course to cure this humiliation.